Through the Lens of Faith
June 2015 Archives

The image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, including this one, has brought me comfort and various thoughts along the way. Sometimes the images have taught me to look inside my heart; other times it shows me that we are […]

This animal sure has ambition. It can reach high into the sky. Being naturally short, I find I can get a little jealous of his view 🙂 But seeing an animal like this can also give one a new perspective […]

I’ve often heard the phrase of being on thin ice. This photo makes me laugh because the ice is so thin you could swim in the water. Or be eaten by whatever gross goop is in this water. Being one […]

It has been the season of graduations and celebrations of all kinds. It is a time to rejoice in the achievements made throughout the year. Yet it is sometimes easy to forget the people behind the achievements, the ones who […]

Lights and darks meet on the horizon. It seems like an unreachable destination sometimes. So far, yet so close, the horizon taunts you with a possible completion of a goal or a teasing, “I’m finally here.” The ship keeps moving […]

There’s a saying of taking to something “like a duck to water.” When something you do comes so naturally, it can be like getting in the water and having the instincts to kick your feet and stay afloat. And when […]

I walked through an estate sale recently. I love looking at what others have collected over the years. It gets me thinking about what I collect. As I looked at the various knickknacks, clothing and furniture for sale, I started to wonder […]

I’ve never been great at skipping stones across a lake. I love watching when others do and counting the number of skips and jumps as it moves across. When I look at this photograph, I find myself appreciating the serene […]

I love sunflowers. I remember my favorite grade school song was “Like A Sunflower” and I was so excited when we were traveling on a family vacation once that there was an entire field of sunflowers that reminded me of […]