Think, Believe, Manifest

 When it comes to attracting and manifesting one of the most common things I hear is: “I asked, I believed but I never received. Why not? This doesn’t work!”Asking and believing are crucial to manifesting but there’s an important step in the process that most people miss or fail to take.

The Missing Step

It’s action. That’s right, you actually have to take action and do something to help you manifest or attract what you desire.

This action is inspired action; it’s the right action and not just any actions. You especially want to avoid doing the same things that haven’t yielded any results.

Instead, to take the right, inspired action you should be open to any and all possibilities and consider doing things you thought wouldn’t work, wouldn’t help or even didn’t feel right.

For example: if you want to meet the right person and you’ve been trying dating sites and not having any luck then maybe you need to take a break from that action and try another approach. That doesn’t mean you give up on the dating sites. Instead, you look for other ways to meet the right partner.

Now usually when I make that suggestion I get the following comment: “Karim, I’ve tried everything, nothing works.”

Really? You’ve tried everything? That’s not possible. Instead, you’ve tried everything you know. You now need to learn what you don’t know. You need to think about other ways to achieve your goal.

So how do you learn what you don’t know? Or how do you take actions when you don’t know what to do?

This is actually a lot easier than you think.

Taking The Right Actions

You can simply look to others who have achieved the goal you want to achieve and ask them what they did. Chances are they did something that you haven’t done or are not willing to do – and that may be the only difference.

Tap into your higher power for additional guidance. Yes, your higher power can guide you and help you discover the inspired action you should take to succeed. But, in order to recognized this guidance you need to pay attention to the messages you receive and be open to any and all possibilities.

To tap into your higher power for guidance simply ask it for guidance. Instead of saying you don’t know what to do or that you’ve tried everything, use a different approach.

Ask your higher power for guidance. Simply say something like the following: “My higher power (or what ever you want to call this power) I want some help. I’m trying to (name your goal) and I want to know what I should do to achieve this goal. I want to know what actions I should take and I want to take the right actions. So please guide me and show me what I should do to (state your goal).”

Once you’ve done that continually think about what you can do to help you achieve your goals.

Pay attention to messages you get from your higher power or the universe. At first you may not notice anything or you may even think you’re not getting any messages. The messages will come, just be patient.

When they do arrive you need to explore all possibilities and don’t say things like: “That won’t work.”

Don’t convince yourself you know what will or won’t work and don’t ever think you know everything or you’ve tried everything.

If you really did know everything or if you had tried everything you would have succeeded by now.

Your higher power is always at work always trying to guide you. However, you do need to ask it for help and it will help – you just have to pay attention and recognize when it’s sending you a message.

So by all means ask and believe, and then take inspired action. Do all three and follow what I outlined and you’ll succeed a lot sooner.


Every week I get a number of emails from my subscribers saying they’ve tried positive thinking but it doesn’t work.

After I dig a little further by asking them some questions I discover exactly why positive thinking doesn’t work for them.

Most people think they’re positive or feel that they’re thinking positive when really they’re not. Usually they start applying some positive thinking after something has gone wrong and this is often too late.

Why? After all, shouldn’t positive thinking work when things go wrong?

When you try to use positive thinking after something has gone wrong you run up against a lot of negative beliefs that have already been formed.

After all, when something goes wrong it’s usually the result of some past negative thinking and some negative beliefs. You only have to examine your beliefs and you can usually discover what thought process or negative beliefs led to the negative event.

So now that something has gone wrong you’re trying to use positive thinking but you don’t have the positive beliefs to support those positive thoughts.

Simply saying something like: “Things are getting better”, isn’t enough.

You have to give yourself reasons to believe why things are getting better and that means you have to actually see your life as getting better.

Positive thinking doesn’t always work if you try to use it after things go wrong unless you change you back up your positive thoughts with examples and you change your belief system. As you support your new positive thoughts you create new beliefs, so it’s crucial to support any new positive thoughts. Then you’ll get positive thinking to work because you’ll have new beliefs.

Your beliefs are what your subconscious responds to so as you form new positive beliefs you begin to change your situation and you’ll also recover from any setback sooner.

Benefiting From Positive Thinking

The best way to benefit from positive thinking is to develop a pattern or habit of thinking positive. You can do that by paying more attention to what you’re thinking about.

As you go about your day, track your thoughts. Ask yourself: are these thoughts positive or negative? If they’re negative change them to a positive thought. If you can’t come up with positive thoughts, look around you and find something positive or something you appreciate or like; think about that instead.

Practice Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is really a practice. It’s something you should practice each and everyday. Then you’ll form a positive thinking pattern and you’ll develop a habit of positive thinking.

When you practice positive thinking everyday you form positive beliefs. With positive beliefs in place you naturally attract more positive situations and outcomes. Also, when you have a positive thinking pattern in place you’re less likely to have things go wrong and if things do go wrong you’ll recover quickly. That’s because your positive beliefs will support any new positive thinking you have to apply in order to recover from a setback.

So today start practicing positive thinking. Look around you and aim to be more positive about what’s happening in your life and around you.

Change your perception so you look for the positive in more situations and stop complaining. Complaining only leads to more and more negative thinking.

Appreciate and be happy, you’ll raise your vibration and attract more positive situations into your life.

Each day create a list of things you appreciate and things you’re happy about. Review that list at the end of the week and add more to it.

If you get into a conversation and the other person is being negative, change the tone and say something positive. They might insist on being negative and that’s okay. Do what you can to stay positive.

Don’t wait for things to go wrong, start applying and practicing positive thinking today.

Positive thinking works best when you make it habit. But it doesn’t work if you try to use it only when things go wrong. So from the habit of positive thinking today and you’ll enjoy a brighter, happier future.

You have tremendous power, and you’re a lot more powerful than you think.

You have the power to create and shape your life so that you live the kind of life you want to live.

Right now you may not have everything you want and desire. You may not be happy where you are, you may feel like you’re powerless. You’re not.

You just have to begin working with your power. You can call this power God, your subconscious, the Universe, your infinite power – what ever you want. Just know that you have a power within you that you can tap into right now to help you change your life and achieve all that you want to achieve.

Now here’s the caveat: you have to give this power the right instructions. Those instructions are your thoughts and beliefs, and this is where most people struggle.

Stop The Negative Thinking

Negative thoughts, negative beliefs and negative emotions create more negativity. They foster doubts, fears, resentments and a host of negative emotions. They eventually create negative beliefs which get re-enforced with more negative thinking.

Before you know it, you have negative energy. That negative energy then attracts more and more negative situations.  That’s when things can quickly go from bad to worse.

When things don’t work out or don’t go your way it’s because you’re not using your power to help you succeed and live the kind of life you want to live. Instead, you’re using your power to help you create more of what you really don’t want.

Now I know that’s not what you really want to do, but that’s what happens when you don’t work with your power and give it the right instructions.

So if you really want to enjoy life, experience greater success, meet the right person or just be happy then you really need to change the message you’re sending to your power. Remember, the messages are your thoughts and beliefs.

Send The Right Message

What you think and believe is what you will eventually manifest in your life. So be careful what you think, because you’ll likely get it.

Here’s how you can turn things around and begin using your power to help you live a better, more successful and happier life.

Think about what you want. Get a clear idea of all that you want. Create a list if you like, one that you can keep adding to or making changes as you go through life.

As you think about what you want and about some of the changes you want to make you’ll have a number of thoughts that come up. Make a note of the negative thoughts, because these are often tied to negative beliefs. It’s these kinds of negative thoughts which hold you back and prevent you from achieving your goals.

These negative thoughts are also sending the wrong message to your power. You communicate with your power through your thoughts and beliefs. And when you have negative thoughts and negative beliefs you end up telling your power to create more negativity. That’s not what anybody wants.

So once you’ve identified the negative thoughts begin replacing and changing them. At first you’re mind will put up resistance and it will want to bring back those negative thoughts. That’s okay. When that happens realize that you’re making an impact and you’re already creating changes.

You can simply replace your negative thoughts with any positive thoughts or any thoughts that bring about a positive feeling. You can think about what a wonderful day it is, or think about something pleasant that happened during the day or in the last week.

By changing the negative thoughts you eliminate the influence they have over you and you change the message you’re sending to your power. You’ve at least stopped sending negative instructions.

Think And Believe

That brings us to the next step. Now you want to send the right messages to your power so that it helps you create and live the kind of life you want to live.

That means you have to think about what you want and create thoughts and beliefs that allow you to succeed.

For example: if you want to make more money you have to now create thoughts and beliefs that say you can make the amount of money you want.

If you want to meet the right person, you have to now create thoughts and beliefs that allow you to meet the right person.

You can write down some of your new thoughts and turn to them when ever you need. You can also post them on your mirror so you see them when you wake up in the morning and remember to focus on these new positive thoughts.

These new positive messages are like affirmations the only difference is that you’re creating thoughts and beliefs that are focused on the exact outcome that you want.

Throughout the day when you catch yourself having a negative moment, call up some of your new thoughts and let them play in your head. You’ll immediately cut off the negative chatter and send new messages to your power.

You can and will achieve anything you want when you think and believe that you can.

So today change the message you’re sending to your power. Give it the right messages so that you get your power to help you succeed and get what you really desire in life.

You are more powerful than you think; a lot more powerful. Now just start using your power the right way by thinking about what you want and believing that you can have what you desire.

Negative people can really get you down. Sometimes they show up disguised as friends trying to comfort you or make you feel better.

They don’t intend to harm you but before you know it you’re in a negative conversation; complaining and whining about anything or everything. Unfortunately, all of that just creates more negative energy and you end up attracting more negative people.

We all have some negative people in our lives, some are always around you and some just show up at the worst time and get you down.

Negative people can really knock you down, make you feel like you’re no good and just never really encourage you.

Get Rid Of Negative Energy

Some of them will even tell you that you can’t achieve your goals and how you’re just not good enough. The truth is no one knows what you’re really capable of and you can do or achieve anything you want.

It’s easy to say don’t believe them, but these negative people can be real pests.

You want to be positive, you try to be positive, you try to create positive energy, you try to keep them away but they just barge into your life and turn your upbeat, positive mood into a really sour downer.

So what do you do? How do you get rid of them?

Well, some of them may be good friends, siblings, parents or a close relative, so it’s not always easy to simply shut them out and you can’t just boot them out of your life, it’s never that easy.

Try as you may to keep them away, they’ll just keep wearing you down.

So you have to deal with them so that they choose to stay away. And the best way to do that is to develop positive energy.

If you have negative people around you it’s because you’re attracting them into your life.

The only way you attract them into your life is with negative energy, which is what you have to get rid of, the sooner the better.

This negative energy stems from your subconscious mind and your thoughts. Too many negative thoughts, too many negative beliefs, too many doubts and fears, too many negative words all create negative energy.

To get rid of the negative energy and keep the negative people away you have to get rid of the negative thoughts, get rid of the negative beliefs, get rid of the doubts and fears, and stop saying too many negative words.

As soon as you do that you’ll find those negative people will just fade away. They simply won’t want to be around you because you won’t share the same energy.

Negative people only want to be around other negative people so they can feed off and share their negative energy. This just creates more negativity and makes your life more difficult.

So today get rid of the negative energy which attracts negative people. Create positive energy by planting new positive thoughts and positive beliefs on your subconscious mind.

Change The Conversation

The next time you’re around negative people change the conversation to something positive. For everything negative they say, respond with a positive comment about the same or about something completely different.

At first you may get some resistance from them and they may even get more negative or try to attack what you’re saying. If that happens, stand your ground and continue being positive.

You’ll find that after a while they’ll just walk away and leave you alone. They won’t be gone forever, but they will walk away for a while. If or when they come back, just do the same thing.

Now if you really want to keep negative people away and attract positive people who will always support and encourage you then you have to change the thoughts and beliefs sitting on your subconscious mind.

It’s those negative thoughts and negative beliefs on your subconscious that continue to attract negative people and negative situations.

Your subconscious is connected to everything and everyone. So if you have negative people around you, if your life isn’t going the way you want, if there are too many negative things happening then you have too much negativity on your subconscious mind.

You need to change what’s on your subconscious so that you have positive thoughts, positive beliefs and positive energy. Then you’ll attract positive people and positive situations.

Best of all you’ll easily drive away all the negative people who keep putting you down and keep making you feel miserable.

Just follow what I outlined and you’ll see those negative people fade away quickly and easily.

Best of all you’ll attract positive people and positive situations into your life. Don’t let the negative people bully you into being negative.

You’re in charge of your mind and subconscious mind. Stay positive and believe in yourself. Then watch the positive people flock to you as you spread more and more positive energy.

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