Think, Believe, Manifest

A little appreciation can go a long way.

When you appreciate you generate and exude a tremendous amount of positive energy and this positive energy draws more positive situations and people into your life.

However, to get the most out of appreciating and generate even more positive energy the appreciation has to be truly genuine.

Simply saying something like: “I appreciate all that I have” isn’t enough. But that’s what most people do and then they wonder why they’re not generating the positive energy and not attracting positive people and positive situations.

That’s because you have to bring in the feeling of truly appreciating something in order to generate the positive energy that attracts positive situations and people.

So think about something you truly appreciate and start with just one thing. It could be your spouse, your child, a parent, a friend, your job, your boss, your home, even your car – anything.

Then think of how much joy you receive from what you picked. Think about how happy it or they make you feel.

Now let that feeling consume you and think of how much you appreciate what you selected. Think of how great life is with what you selected and how much better you feel.

Let these feelings fill your body and mind. Remember the feeling. That’s appreciating.

The next time you want to appreciate something or someone, aim to reach that feeling.

If you’re appreciating a person or people, you’ll find that your interactions with them will improve tremendously because they’ll pick up on your positive energy towards them.

Similarly if you always complain about someone or don’t appreciate them you create negative energy towards them and it just makes your relationship with them even more difficult.

So if you’re having a challenge with a boss, co-worker or even with a spouse, or friend you should stop creating any negative energy. You do that by no longer thinking about what’s wrong or what you don’t like about them.

Then you improve the relationship slowly by appreciating them for their positive qualities. Again, you have to generate that positive feeling, that’s when you create the positive energy which will help you improve your relationship.

Try it out and see what happens.

Before you get to work or before you meet your spouse or friend, take a few moments to appreciate someone. Send out a lot of positive energy towards them by just focusing on their positive qualities and appreciating them.

Then see how they respond. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Appreciating ahead of time can turn potentially awkward meetings into something very positive and pleasant.

Try it out and let me know how things go. Love to hear from you.



The other day I ran into an old friend who talked about starting up his own business… again.

You see every time I run into this friend he always talks about starting a business but never even takes that first step.

I’ll call him Mike for this blog, just to keep his real name private.

Mike has good intentions and he likes to set good goals, most of which are achievable, yet he rarely accomplishes any of them and there’s a simple reason.

Like most people Mike has good intentions and if he were able to accomplish most of his goals he would be living a much better, more fulfilling and rewarding life. But like most people he doesn’t accomplish them.

That’s because Mike has what I call subconscious blocks. We all have some subconscious blocks, even I do.

However, when you have too many of them, or when you have blocks that don’t allow you to succeed or don’t allow you to live the kind of life you want, then these blocks really need to be removed as soon as possible.

Frankly, all subconscious blocks need to be removed, but let’s focus on those that stop you (and Mike) from living the kind of life you want to live.

These subconscious blocks are a combination of negative thoughts, negative beliefs and negative perceptions.

While you may want to accomplish a specific goal, any negative thoughts, negative beliefs and negative perceptions tied to the achievement of that goal will block you or prevent you from accomplishing it. No matter how much you may want to succeed, those subconscious blocks won’t allow you to experience the success you want or even feel you deserve.

Your subconscious simply follows your thoughts, beliefs and perception. These are its marching orders.

So while you may want to accomplish a particular goal, and you may feel you deserve to accomplish that that goal, if you’re thoughts, beliefs and perceptions run counter to what you want, then you simply won’t succeed.

Your subconscious will just make sure your life is a reflection of your consistent thoughts, beliefs and strongly held perceptions.

Here’s what you can do to remove those subconscious blocks.

Most people aren’t even aware of the negative thoughts, negative beliefs and negative perceptions they carry. So to get rid of your subconscious blocks you need to be open minded and pay attention to your thoughts and what you say.

Your words are a direct reflection of your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

So if you want to make more money and you’re talking to a friend about making more money and you say things like: “it’s hard to make money” or “there are no good ways to make money” or “you have to be ruthless to make more money” or anything that says making money is difficult or not good, then you have some negative thoughts, negative beliefs, and negative perceptions about money.

When that happens you have to be open minded enough to realize that you have a subconscious block which needs to be changed, the sooner the better.

Then you have to track your thoughts when you think about achieving a specific goal. Keep a journal handy and write them down. Then take a close look at them.

Those that you deem negative or those that don’t allow you to experience the success you truly desire need to be removed and replaced with thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that allow you to accomplish your goal.

Changing or replacing them can be challenging because many of your subconscious blocks have been with you for quite some time. They’re part of your life and you feel that’s just the way things are.

So it will take some work to replace your negative thoughts, negative beliefs and negative perceptions, but it will be well worth the effort.

Once you have new thoughts, new beliefs and new perceptions which allow you to succeed and get what you want in life you’ll simply feel better, enjoy life more and live with a renewed sense of purpose.

Imagine how good it would feel to accomplish one of those goals that you’ve never been able to accomplish so far?

For Mike, if he were to finally get his business up and running it would likely change his entire life. Just one goal accomplished can have a significant impact.

Now get started on identifying and removing those subconscious blocks. You’ll be amazed at what you discover, and you’ll be even more amazed at how much better your life will be once you remove those blocks that have been holding you back for so long.

During our journey through life there will be lots of ups and downs. Along the way there will be things that upset, annoy and bother us.

If we hang on to those big and little things that get us down or upset, we can easily throw ourselves of track and in the end make our lives even more difficult.

When you hang on to the past, when you keep thinking about all that went wrong, all that upset you, all that annoyed you and all that just

didn’t work out the way you wanted, you end up creating a lot of negative energy.

That negative energy just attracts more negative situations, more things to annoy and upset you.

Along with that negative energy you also generate more and more negative thoughts which just bring you down, make you feel bad and add to the negativity that you continue to experience.

Those bad memories, bad relationships, that resentment, anger and those negative experiences you’re holding on to need to be released, discarded and dumped into the trash along with yesterday’s news.

Thinking about those negative events gets you down, and they’ll destroy your chance for success and happiness. There’s no need to hang on to them.

You may not realize this but ever every time you think about the past you bring up more pain, more anger, and they make you feel sad or get you down, maybe even depressed.

With all those negative feelings consuming you there’s just no way you can be happy and you destroy any chance of getting what you want or succeeding because you’re living in the past. Your power can’t create a better life for you now because you’re not here; you’re stuck in the past.

Sure you can say: “Just let go – move forward, forget about it, just let go.”

But that’s easier said than done.

So let go of unwanted events, emotions and situations, passed or present that are holding you back. Then you’ll start living the life you want. You’ll experience greater happiness and begin moving forward.

If you’re hanging on to a negative or unpleasant experience then you’re naturally thinking about it regularly. It may fill your mind for most of the day. It may be all that you think about and it gets you down.

When that happens you prevent yourself from moving forward and healing.

Think about this for a moment; how many pleasant memories do you recall everyday?

Chances are you’re like most people and you have a number of unpleasant experiences that you’re holding on to, and when you hang on to them, when you keep thinking about them, you prevent yourself from moving forward.

These negative experiences can be something as minor as a fight you had with a friend which resulted in a grudge that you carry and because of that grudge you no longer speak to each other.

The more you negative experiences you carry and hang on to, the worse life gets, it’s that simple.

You’re carrying useless baggage that’s really slowing you down.

Think of it this way; you’re on a hiking trip and along the way you keep picking up heavy objects, things that really don’t serve you but you want to hang on to.

After a while these objects begin to weigh on you, they slow you down and unless you get rid of them you’ll never get to where you want to go.

You can begin to let go by simply getting your mind to focus on something different.

Think of positive events.

Think of positive experiences.

Think about how you want to improve your life and start taking steps to make the changes.

Doing this pushes your mind in a new direction and gives your subconscious mind a new set of instructions.

You basically tell yourself and your subconscious mind that you’re moving on and ready for more positive situations in life.

Your subconscious then helps you by directing you to the people and situations that will allow you to move forward and enjoy life.

It’s not about saying: “I let go of the pain from my fight with —- and move on.”

That will help but if you really want to start moving on then you have to get your mind to focus on new things and in the process you automatically let go of the negative events and situations that have been slowing you down.

When you focus on more positive things and focus on what you want you begin shifting that energy and start attracting positive situations to help you create the life you want.

The next step is to create a new action plan.

Let’s face it the past is over so what next?

Where do you want to go now?

How do you plan to get there?

You may not have the answers to all these questions, but merely thinking about the options and the future forces your mind to go in a new direction.

When you do this you automatically let go of unwanted feelings and emotions.

Start focusing on what you want to happen.

Let go of the past and negative situations by getting your mind to focus on different things.

Direct your subconscious mind to help you let go by giving it new instructions.

You are a powerful person; you can and will achieve all that you want. You just have to give your subconscious mind power new instructions and new directions. You just have to let go of the past and all those unwanted memories that bring you down. Today you take charge and you let go.

Trust and believe…

When you trust and believe everything will work out for you,
Everything will fall into place

Things will go your way, you’ll get what you want when you completely trust and believe.

You may think you believe but when you worry, doubt and stress
you show that you don’t trust and you don’t believe – and that’s when things get worse.

Worrying is a clear sign that you don’t trust and don’t believe that things will work out.

When you worry, have fear and doubt yourself you tell your subconscious mind
and inner powers that you don’t trust and don’t believe.

So instead of bringing you what you want, they create more situations for you to
worry and feel stressed.  You then end up with more fear and more worry.

All of these create more negative energy which creates more negative situations.
So life gets worse.
And it will keep getting worse until you trust and believe.

Sure you may have some challenges today.
Yes you may have bills to pay, you may need to get a job, you nee to make more
money, you want a better life and you may feel that nothing is working out for you.

When that happens, take a deep breath, think about how you want your life to unfold, think about what’s important, think about what you really want, tell yourself that you’re doing the right things to make sure everything works out for you.

Then start doing the right things.
Tell your subconscious and inner powers what you want.

Give your subconscious mind, and your inner powers the right instructions, so
that they bring you what you want, so that you do the right things at the right time.

Get rid of the fear, worry and doubt.
Get rid of the blocks that are holding you back.
Get rid of all that negative energy.
Start trusting and believing so that you unlock the power of your subconscious mind, so that you free it, and get your powers to bring you more money,
better relationships, the right job and the right opportunities and everything you want.

You have to trust, and believe that you will make the right choices and you will
do the right things.

When you trust and believe you create more positive energy, and that positive energy forces your subconscious and inner powers to bring you more positive situations so you enjoy life and get exactly what you want.

At first this won’t be easy, because you’re not used to trusting and believing.
But the more you trust and believe the easier life will get.

Your subconscious and inner powers will respond to you sooner when you trust and believe that everything will work out and you’ll get all that you want sooner.

If you’re not getting what you want, if you’re not happy, if you’re not making as much money as you want, if you’re not in the right relationship, if you’re not in the right job, if you’re not succeeding in your career, if you feel like you just can’t get ahead then you have a number of negative thoughts and blocks that are holding you back.

You’re creating more and more negative energy.
And you keep giving your powers the wrong message.

You need to get rid of those negative thoughts, negative beliefs and negative energy.

You need to give your powers the right instructions and you need to trust and believe that everything will work out.
So make this the day you change things.
Today you get rid of those negative thoughts, you get rid of the negative beliefs,
You get rid of the negative energy, you stop worrying, you stop doubting, you stop living in fear and you put an end to the struggle and pain. Today you trust and believe that everything will work out.

Today you give your subconscious and your inner powers the right instructions.
You show them you trust and believe they’ll bring you all that you desire sooner.

Believe in yourself.
Believe you can live the kind of life you want.
Believe that everything will work out.

Trust and believe that you will get back on track and that you will get what you want in life.
You are a powerful person.
You have tremendous power.

Work with that power.
Direct that power to create a better life,
The kind of life you want.
Now just trust and believing in yourself.
Everything will fall into place

Anything is possible when you trust and believe…

Plant the right beliefs on your subconscious and it will bring you exactly what you want.

Your subconscious and your powers can create the life you want you just have to give them the right directions.

Trust and Believe!

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