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In Our Prime…continued from Part 1 on Monday, October 30th… By Laura Rowley Patricia Cohen’s “In Our Prime: The Invention Of Middle Age” Reinvention Of Middle Age Kim Cattrall epitomizes the reinvention of middle age. The “Midlife Industrial Complex” Fast-forward to […]

OCTOBER  October is harvest time, a time of maturity and fruition. The Queen time of the year. What have we sown? What have we reaped? Lessons, experience, mastership, wisdom. By Laura Rowley  Patricia Cohen’s “In Our Prime: The Invention Of Middle […]

By Anna Moore, London Daily Mail …continued from Wednesday…. WHAT TO DO IF YOU FEEL A MIDLIFE CRISIS COMING ON Hold it up to the light. Really examine your feelings to accurately identify their source. Which area (or areas) are […]

By Anna Moore, London Daily Mail …continued from Monday…. It’s easy to sneer, but according to experts, it’s quite natural to take stock at ‘half-time’. ‘It’s when your focus shifts from your CV – status, job, house, possessions – to […]

By Anna Moore, London Daily Mail It’s not just middle-aged men who are tempted to roar away from routine and responsibility in a sports car. But is there a quick fix for the midlife crisis? Although the feelings took hold […]

Crisis? What midlife crisis? How women are seeing it as a rebirth Forty was once the age we died. But middle age has been redefined for many women By Alana Kirk in The Irish Times Middle age is now being redefined by […]

Hint: This isn’t your Grandma’s idea of going through the change. By Amy Capetta, Woman’s Day While it has become a common cliché, some women find themselves facing a challenging (and possibly even eye-opening) period anywhere between their 40s and […]

Mid Life Crisis: What is it? Is it inevitable? Is it even a real phenomenon? Or is it an invention of the media — that is, corporate advertising trying to sell us things we don’t need? (Not only do we […]

The notion that fifty years of age could be considered a “halfway” mark is unprecedented. For most of human existence, life expectancy hovered at around twenty to thirty years, and it was only by 1800 that folks commonly began to […]

David Hume, the Buddha, and a search for the Eastern roots of the Western Enlightenment By Alison Gopnik. Copyright © 2015 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. All Rights Reserved In 2006, I was 50—and I was falling apart. Until then, […]