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NOVEMBER The month of elections and politics. Now’s the time for all good women to run for office! Women in power. Women speaking truth to power. Wise women rule wisely! With the question of power — its uses and abuses […]

By Joan Chittister   At a crossroads, remember, there are three possible options to choose from. The first choice is simply to quit a road that is going nowhere. We can move out and move on, we can move away […]

OCTOBER  October is harvest time, a time of maturity and fruition. The Queen time of the year. What have we sown? What have we reaped? Lessons, experience, mastership, wisdom. I am fascinated, obsessed really, by women’s relationship to power. I […]

When I began this journey toward my Self, I was an innocent in many respects. Responsible beyond my years, yet repressed, compressed, regressed, like the tightest pussy willow — the one with the hardest shell — protection for my fuzzy, […]

By Anna Moore, London Daily Mail …continued from Wednesday…. WHAT TO DO IF YOU FEEL A MIDLIFE CRISIS COMING ON Hold it up to the light. Really examine your feelings to accurately identify their source. Which area (or areas) are […]

By Anna Moore, London Daily Mail …continued from Monday…. It’s easy to sneer, but according to experts, it’s quite natural to take stock at ‘half-time’. ‘It’s when your focus shifts from your CV – status, job, house, possessions – to […]

By Wendi Knox It’s more about the words we choose and the tone we take when talking to ourselves. In fact, if you start paying attention to the conversations between You and You, you’ll hear things you’d never dream of […]

By Shiloh Sophia Every woman is the Queen of her own heart. It isn’t something she does, it is who she is. She must decide how to govern her own domain. She seeks friends and allies that honor who she […]

I found this juicy piece in The Australian  By Nikki Gemmell So often in life we love the things we’re not meant to — the question, of course, is what we do about it. Particularly at a time when we’re […]

I have pretty much always had a current love interest, a paramour, an inamorata of the moment in my life. Ever since elementary school, I have been involved in a series of crushes, flirtations, romances, relationships, and marriages of varying […]