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I see “Begin Again” as an ideal theme for this season. We have the supreme opportunity now in the autumn of our midlife to begin again. How shall we reinvent our Selves? What new programs, projects and passions are on the horizon for us? Please send me your stories of change, transition, and transformation. Our shared experiences serve to inspire and empower us all.

Thanks.    xxQueen Mama Donna


You Think You Are Not Enough

By Shiloh Sophia 

You think

You are not enough.

And so that what you do

is never enough.

I think the story

“I am not enough”

is a lie.

And I am wondering

why we,

intelligent lovely brave

souls that we are

would go on

believing a lie?

And so today

is a day for miracles

and the shedding

of old stories

and I am wondering

who is ready to shed

that one?

Or another one?

Ready. Set. Go.

When you are done

with that

you can join me

in inventing a new story.

One where we choose

ourselves right where we

are. Regardless.

And choose to tell the truth

about ourselves to ourselves

and others.

The truth is

we are more wonderful

than we can imagine

and it is nothing short

of a miracle

that we were born.

We have lived long enough

thinking not enough

is a way of being.

It’s not.

A way of being

is to love the fragile

sometimes broken

confused and still

glorious self that

we are. A way

of being is to

re-invent from this moment

a story about who you are

that you love to tell.

Tell yourself the truth

about you.

It is time.


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