The Queen of My Self

In the interest of keeping the Valentine Day energy alive for this entire week, I will be posting messages to stimulate your love for the Queen of Your Self.

I recently received this wonderfully refreshing letter from a sister Queen who is definitely pleased with her Self:

…Despite the anticipation and the promise of something potentially special, he was not attractive to me. And I think that’s important — that although I have had my misgivings about meeting someone as I am — overweight and older — I felt attractive and lively and lovely and charming and desirable in many ways. My inner womanly, Queenly core, was quite strong — it never dawned on me to feel less than attractive. And I thank all you Queens for helping me to feel that. Our circle of love and faith in one another has just added to the pool, the large pond, the lake, the sea of deep-rooted sense of Good Self that stays, no matter what…
– A fan of The Queen of My Self

Brava! You go, girl!

It gets easier as you get older. You accept yourself for who you are – your flaws and your attributes. It’s easier to live in your own skin.
– Barbra Streisand

And then I received this perfect follow up from a subscriber to The Queen’s Chronicles:

The Heart Is The Home of Wonder
By – Edie Weinstein, PA

Breathe in the warmth of this place, allowing yourself to feel a sense of welcome
It is your own love, your own beauty that beckons you inside
How long has it been, since you have crossed this threshold?
The door has always been open, the invitation always extended
Will you accept it now?

Through the windows streams sunlight, casting rainbow designs on the walls
As prism glass reflects the scattered sparkling illumination
The floor beneath your feet is soft
Caressing your skin as you tap your bare toes on its surface
Daring to dance upon it to the lilting music that only you can hear.

The table is set with all manner of lusciousness
Nourishment for body and soul awaits you
Always plenty to savor and share; a bounty spread before you
Every imaginable treat to delight your senses
The sweet aroma that curls around you.

The mirror on the wall reflects your exquisite nature
As you gaze into the eyes of the One who has been with you
Through all eternity, questioning what has kept you from recognizing
Your own ineffable Divinity
Express your adoration for the Goddess who winks back at you.

Feel the all-embracing comfort of this structure that was created
Brick by brick, log by log, though your daily intention
The experiences and the people you draw into your world
The thoughts that permeate your mind
The wild magic of your infinite imagination.

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