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Winners of a copy of The Queen of My Self: Kathy Elkind, MAJoanna Matherson, WIYvette Rivera, CA Enjoy! Let us take a break from our ongoing explorations of women’s relationship to power. This week the posts will focus on the […]

We have just surpassed 175 entries! See below for information about a book give away.** Here is another response to my call for ideas and stories about women and power. Thank you, Tiffany. The Power of a WomanBy Tiffany Mitchell […]

I wrote this for the March 2009 issue of The Queen’s Chronicles. It stirred up quite a bit of interest and two goddess temples, The Goddess Temple of Qrange County in California and the Southern Oregon Temple of the Goddess […]

 Here is an interesting article from the Harvard Business Review that adds another dimension to this ongoing exploration of women’s relationship to power. Women and Soft Power in BusinessBy Vineet Nayar The leadership of women in politics, business, and society is […]

After putting out the call for thoughts and stories about women’s relationship to power, I received this note: Dear Donna, In a marvelous synchronicity, my latest blog post, which came out this morning is about the exact same thing: how […]

 Even though the post-solstice days are getting longer — by approximately two minutes a day — the accrual is so gradual that we don’t really notice it for quite a few weeks. In the meantime, most of us grow quickly […]

Here is a response to my request for empowerment stories. Thank you, Mambo Queen, for your candor and your courage. Good for you! I Just Stood Up for Myself…And It Feels GoodBy Mambo Queen My ex-husband has been putting the full-court press […]

Hell In ParadiseBy Yoko Ono This is hell in paradise,We’re all asleep or paralyzed.Why are we scared to verbalizeOur multicolor dreams? When will we come to realize,We’re all stoned or pacified,While the boogie men organizeTheir multilevel schemes? Underqualified for love,Overqualified for […]

The mighty Queen, the great and wise, brave and compassionate woman ruler, the reigning commander of Her domain, is an expansive, expressive, accessible, energetic archetype who represents a mature female power, authority, responsibility, and influence worthy of our emulation. There […]

We are women of the airWe are the breath of lifeWe are the winds of changeWe speak our voice to life We are teachers of the truthWe are students all our lives We are scholars and seekersWe are storytellers of […]