The Queen of My Self

Yesterday I posted the glorious “A Creed For Free Women” by Elsa Gidlow. The subtitle is “(and such men as feel happy with it.)” As it happens, many men feel happy with it. Real men, that is. Men who are comfortable in their own skins and who don’t need to denigrate women in order to inflate their self-image, are happy to see women as confident, capable Queens.

Below is a poem by one such man.

“This is more than a poem about my friend Kristin, it is also a way for a man to honor a woman. It is a way for me to work through centuries of men’s oppression of women, and my own in past lives, and to revalue what has been hurt between us… This needs to be done with truth and honesty and with heart one woman at a time.”

The Queen You Are
By Luc Watelet

When you play
with your craft
— graphic designs
designing your webpage
your business card —
When you write stories
When you buy new clothes
When you give to your children
your being does not know fear
You are the Queen of your realm

Who then challenges your dreams?
What threatens to take your dreams away?

When I am in your presence
I see the queen
I trust the queen knows what’s best for herself
I do not see fear


When I am in your presence
I see the queen
and she is
and strong
and it touches my heart
what I see is contagious
What I see in you
will touch people
and women
in ways that are unforeseen
and magical

… and all that
thanks to
the Queen you are

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