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How is it that small children are even more adorable when they’re upside down? Does cuteness bend gravity in such a way that the very physics of sweetness are amplified when the object of sweetness is suspended in mid-air? Science […]

(At a Where The Wild Things Are Wild Rumpus. With monsters.)

(Or, Just Because You Can’t Achieve Lift-Off Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Chase The Sun. Or Small Children.)

Sisters and cousins and babies, oh my: a family portrait (me, my sister, and our children), as conceived and directed and shot by Emilia, age three and three quarters. Emilia has a very promising future with Sears Portrait Studios, I […]

August, 2006. That was what my little feminist looked like before she grew hair and an attitude. No, wait. She always had the attitude. Hair just seems to have intensified it.

My grandparents, on a road trip in British Columbia in the early 1940’s. I’d like to think that I retraced some of their steps the other week. But even if I didn’t, the BC portion of my trip is still […]

July 1, 2006. Her first Canada Day. A Wordless Wednesday Jam, which is now Wordless This Wednesday In History Wednesday. Because I am forgetting too much. Join me if you feel so inspired.

Emilia, June 2006. Be still, my heart. A Wordless Wednesday Jam, which henceforth is going to be Wordless This Wednesday In History Wednesdays. Because I am forgetting too much. Join me if you feel so inspired.

(Because I needed some light in here after all the dark.) (Further reflections on Jon & Kate still pending. After a little more sunshine.)

He fought the spaghetti, and the spaghetti won. (This post was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post. But Wordless Wednesday is, by definition, supposed to feature blog entries without words. And I have trouble following instructions, so. Why don’t […]