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A four year old ninja hugs her little brother. There’s a metaphor here about the kick-butt power of love, but I’m having trouble putting it into words, so I’ll just let the picture speak for itself.

(My babies are on a road trip with their dad while I flounce around at the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston.) (Note the distinct LACK OF HAIR on the head of my son. Am still reeling from that.) (They are […]

(What? That frilly get-up is so totally princely, if we’re thinking princes circa 1492. Totally.) (I’ve missed two days of training because of a terrible, sinus-and-eardrum-busting head cold. Tomorrow – fingers crossed – the fairy wings go back on and […]

Emilia and her boyfriend. I KNOW.

These are my not-so-world-famous Cinnamon Bongs. They are, no exaggeration, the best things that I have eaten all year, and I say that having eaten chocolate cheesecake in my bathrobe at the Chateau Lake Louise in July, and having had […]

This picture was taken this past spring, at the Blissdom conference in Nashville. It was taken by my good friend Anissa, who, in the middle of a chat we were having outside the hotel, just dropped to her knees and […]

… if, that is, the angels have a thing for Chicago deep-dish pizza, kettle-corn, and the Red Sox. Which they totally should. (Aerial view of Chicago, looking towards lake. Shot with my iPhone, using ToyCamera application, from a late-afternoon Air […]