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So when I said, the other day, that I avoid getting myself into a state of outrage? I might have lied, because it seems that nearly every day these days there is some fresh evil provoking me to outrage. Last week, it was non-consensual nether-probes being performed on Canadian women; today, it’s disturbing diaper ads and PETA, who never fails to offend.

(I discussed the disturbing diaper ads over at the Bad Moms Club. I’d boycott Huggies, but we don’t even use Huggies, so it wouldn’t exactly be the strongest statement. Still. Ugh. Am sickened.)

PETA is up to its usual trick of exploiting women for the purposes of defending animals. I’m all for defending animals, but PETA’s trademark gimmick of doing campaigns that riff on the idea of women being ‘meat’ or property or in some manner comparable to pets or farm animals or ferrets or whatever is offensive in the extreme.

It hit a new low this past week:

I don’t care what you think of the Duggars: it is not okay to compare Michelle Duggar – to compare any woman – to an un-spayed dog. You know: to a bitch. Such comparisons demean all mothers. They demean all of us.

Stop it, PETA. Find another way to get your message across. Saving animals at the cost of demeaning women involves too high a price. Stop it.


100 Miles For Tanner: I ran 8k on the weekend, pushing a jogging stroller in -15C weather. I’m pretty pleased. I think that I can do this.


This is amazing. Go, now, and bid, with love.


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