Their Bad Mother

One of my favorite people just wrote a book. And it’s an awesome book. It’s especially awesome because it’s about a subject that few of us – and I wave my hand unashamedly here – are willing to talk about publicly: sex. Sex after motherhood, specifically. I can be as ribald as the next thirty-something-mom-with-thirteen-year-old-sense-of-humor, but that’s behind closed doors. Type out the word ‘orgasm’ for all the world to see? Whatever would my mother say?

(Actually, I know what she’d say. Or not say. She’d just laugh and send it to all of her friends. My mother is not as reserved as I am. If there’s ever a ‘Grandmanatrix’ column, she’s the one to write it.)

So I’m glad – grateful – that Kristen (aka The Mominatrix) has devoted herself to ensuring that we do talk about this stuff. And that we laugh about it, and cheer about it, and celebrate it, rather than just titter behind closed doors.

Because what’s sexier than being a mom?

mominatrix.jpgNothing, that’s what. Megan Fox, whatever. Moms – bringers-forth-of-life, wielders-of-lotion, mistresses-of-discipline, women-who-run-with-the-breast-pumps – are where it’s at when it comes to what’s really sexy.

Just know that when we say we have a headache? After all the effort that goes in to bringing forth life, caring for that life, cleaning up after that life, managing-that-life-with-all-the-whip-crack-discipline-of-a-Mominatrix? We actually probably really do.

(The Mominatrix’s Guide To Sex will be available in January, but you can pre-order at Amazon now. In the meantime, enjoy her column, and check out her posse of Mominatrixes – Mominatrices? – including yours truly – at Flickr.)

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