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Mel Gibson: The Dangers of Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence

I couldn’t decide what approach to take on my blog about the recent Mel Gibson news and his recent recordings of verbal and implied physical abuse against his girlfriend Oksana Grigoriea.  Do I discuss the link between domestic violence and alcohol abuse? Do I blog about his despicable rage against the gay community, or when he was observed by a police officer saying profanities about Jews, or his insults of racial slurs to Oksana in a taping of a phone conversation to her?

I decided to shed some light on the fact that two thirds of victims of partner violence report alcohol is involved in the incident.  Mel Gibson’s history certainly points to issues with alcoholism

I would be curious to know whether or not he was in a drunken rage when these recordings were made, however, clearly there are signs and symptoms of mental illness or possibly organic brain damage possibly from years of heavy drinking. 


All this is speculation, but as you can see, Mel is an un-treated alcoholic whether he is sober or not.  This is someone who lacks emotional sobriety.  He professes to be a religious man, although, his behavior speaks otherwise. 

Although his publicists state he is in therapy and going to 12 step meetings, he obviously has no program.  He is un-deniably full of EGO.  As we say in the program, he is certainly “Edging Got Out” as the acronym goes.

There is nothing spiritual or religious about the way Mel Gibson lives his life.  Another quality we learn in recovery is humility.  Need, I say more….

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Psychotherapist and Life Coach specializing in all addictions and recovery.  She is the author of “Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery” and Life Coach and Psychotherapist on Celebrity Rehab on VH1.  Sherry has developed a seven step program of recovery for living a purposeful life.



  • lusGuirediems

    Hello. And Bye.

  • Susan

    As a recovering alcoholic myself, and having heard stories from many alcoholics…Mel’s phone rants seem very indicative of an alcoholic who was on a binge at the time. Alcoholism is not very well understood in our culture. We tend to think an alcoholic must always be drunk, or unproductive. Such is not the case. Many alcoholics can appear quite normal much of the time….and many have gone long periods without drinking anything. The problem though…is when they do take a drink, it can be disasterous. It set’s off a physical craving and reaction in the brain and the damage continues on from where they last left off. (whether yesterday or 5 years ago) Once an alcoholic deteriorates into later stages, their personality/ego problems can amplify more and more. Things normally edited or hidden away in thought can be spewed out in disproportionate rages. High risk behaviours can become more common, and the worst of who we are inside can come out in a disproportionate and shameful way. (sometimes these occur in blackout phases, where the alcoholic cannot even remember what he’s said or done.) I think his personality is deteriorating largely because of the alcoholism. This doesn’t excuse what he’s done or said… and he must take responsibility for his rants and actions…but he needs help and alcoholism also has a lot of denial associated with it. I hope he can find it in himself to work the 12 step program more effectively, get himself into rehab again…. and stay away from the booze…. he can’t afford to touch it again…ever.

  • Craig

    It seems Oksana pushed Mel’s buttons intending to provoke his reaction for her own purposes, and that’s life. We are not to let ourselves fall prey to our own rage even when others try to make go there. I and most guys I know can relate to thinking some of what Mel said, and even letting a few regrettable sentences be said in moments of conflict, but this is over the top to anybody I know. Mel is coming from a very primal and injured place in his heart … in his current state he is emotionally dangerous to others and himself. Healthy means controlled even when intentionally baited, this is not healthy. I believe it is also a “place” he can, if he chooses, recover from and grow to be an even better person than he ever was.
    I hope and pray that Mel Gibson sincerely finds and engages in an effective recovery process. This ain’t just booze and bad attitude, but I don’t believe it is hardwired either, healing is available to Mel. Furthermore, because so many guys can relate to Mel, I hope he might allow his recovery process to be as public as possible — he is not alone, and he could serve as a guide for a lot of men out of a very dark place.

  • Dtay

    How much of what happens in a stars life is fact or fiction? None of us know what really goes on in their real life. All we have are cleverly taken pictures,tabloids,what a friend of a friend says ect..there is just so much more to it. I don’t excuse domestic violence, I have been a victim of it. But with celebrities we just don’t know the facts, in Mr Gibsons situation, we don’t know that his girlfriend is lying or not. I am just skeptical. And as for the other alleged wrongs he has done,we don’t know the full take on those either. The world is turning like Rome, dragging the accused into the Arena, with thousands of spectators watching while the accused(guilty or not) is tortured or killed. That’s what our world has come to, we just use different means.

  • Your Name

    Is all of this fact?

  • Maximus

    He just likes attention, he does not have a illness such as alcohol abuse, he just think he can get away with it, just being a celebrity, Hollywood just need to replace him, and people should not support any of his new films if any coming out with in the near or far future. He is a racist and an abuser of domestic violence he needs to be locked up and throw the key away

  • Sherry Gaba

    Thank you for your comment. Absolutely, there is no room in our society for anyone that physically abuses another. I couldn’t agree with you more. Mental illness is part of the equation, but not the whole thing. Thanks again for your perspective. Sherry

  • Muriel

    He doesn’t have a mental illness. His alcoholism also doesn’t affect his aggressiveness as much as we’d like to think it does. He’s an abuser, a perpetrator of verbal and probably physical abuse. Thousands of women get spoken to by their men like this every day. Abusers come from a position of grandiosity and self-entitlement. Mel gives himself permission to act the way he does by justifying, denying and minimising the effects of what he does on other people. As far as he’s concerned, he’s right and everybody else is a bloody idiot. He considers that he has a “right” to speak the way he does. I’m so glad that Oksana had the guts to expose him. More women should do it!

  • shoes4world

    thank you for your article

  • Donald

    Excellent article! If only Mel would read and heed!
    I only have one correction. In the program, EGO = “Edging God Out” or “Easing God Out”

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