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The rumble from Nashville is so thunderous that it can probably heard all over the globe – it’s the sound of country musicians scrambling to be the first to release a country song about the death of Osama Bin Laden.  After 9/11 country musicians were the largest distributor of patriotic songs, but Darryl Worley’s hit “Have You Forgotten?” took the prize.  The catchy song had such a special combination of passion and political rhetoric that the other attempts at 9/11 remembrance could only marvel at it’s patriotic magnitude.  Unfortunately, that song’s time has come to an end.  Recall the chorus lyrics:

“You say we shouldn’t worry about Bin Laden…

have you forgotten?”

While it will assuredly be blasted at least 30 times today on any self-respecting country station, Darryl Worley’s run at the top is over.  It is time for someone else to step up and deliver the most epic, patriotic, country song imagine-able.  Will it be Mr. Worley with a sequel song?  Will Lee Greenwood finally issue the long awaited follow-up to “Proud to be an American”?  Or will it be Taylor Swift taking a break from teen angst to reflect on the death of America’s number 1 enemy?

The world can only wait.

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