The Prophet of Pop


Mariah Carey, George Michael, and Paula Abdul.

It might sound like the beginning of an incredible joke, but it is so much more.  Simon Cowell is seeking the three pop stars to be judges on his new show X-Factor.

This sounds like a glorious trainwreck of an idea.  Paula Abdul’s over the top cracked out disposition combined with Mariah Carey’s self-indulgence would be no less than historic.  Just imagine for a minute – Mariah Carey and Paula Abdul talking to each other.  I know, I know, it is too amazing.  Now, I love George Michael, but any group where he is the “normal one” is set for pure television brilliance.  I really hope Simon can pull this one off, because American Idol’s judging cast would tremble in the wake of such a ridiculously awesome team.

Speaking of historic teams and trainwrecks, word hit this week that none other than Ke$ha penned Britney Spears’ new single “‘Till the World Ends” That sounds so unbearable that I don’t even have words for it – it is truly a perfect storm of awful.  However, I admit that I can’t wait to hear it and make fun of the video.

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