Stuff Christian Culture Likes
June 2010 Archives

A church video is often produced by the church’s creative team who work closely with the worship leader.

The sinner’s prayer is Christian culture’s litmus test for salvation.

“Camp out” is code for “this is going to take awhile.”

Pastors are known to get territorial in the parking lot.

Some pastors make it a practice to hire staff they aren’t attracted to in order to reduce temptation.

Christian culture likes to dissect prominent Christians’ lives and figure out how they do stuff.

Many Christian churches in north America use grape juice instead of wine for communion, even though Jesus served wine at the Lord’s supper.

Christian summer camp is strenuously anti-flesh. They want as little as possible on display.

When Facebook asks “What’s on your mind?” the Christian’s answer is often a verse. And just as often, dozens of people (presumably also Christians) click that they “like” it, no matter how obscure the reference.

When his Ed Hardy hoodie is just too casual, the discerning gentleman opts for a screen printed dress shirt.