Stuff Christian Culture Likes
April 2010 Archives

Even the warehouse-iest of church buildings call their warehouse-y lobbies the narthex as it perhaps lends a bit of elegance, like saying fo-yay instead of foy-yer (the latter pronunciation being common in the Bible belt).

Men in Christian culture have a giant man-crush on Jack Bauer. He is the prototype of Christian culture’s ideal male, save for the profession of faith.

“Great insight” is the response of choice when a person in Christian culture says something spiritually poignant.

Mike Huckabee’s recent statements on gay marriage made many American evangelicals pleased. Because boy howdy, Christian culture does not like the idea of gay marriage. They really, really, really do not.

Men in Christian culture like to say they have “married up” or “married out of their league.” They make a point to speak of their wife in glowing terms as often as possible.

Christian culture is all oiled up in “ought” and encrusted with “should.”

Spiritual gifts were outlined in some of Paul’s letters and today are the Christian culture equivalent of astrological signs.

Christian culture likes to reference their authenticity. This is interesting because authenticity needs no pronouncement. People can smell it on you like you can smell homeschool on the Duggars.