Stuff Christian Culture Likes
January 2010 Archives

Christians prefer to cohabit with their own ilk. When someone in Christian culture goes seeking a roommate they always specify that any applicants must also be Christians in order to be considered.

Natural disasters are a great opportunity for Christian culture to advertise how charitable they are.

In recent months a rash of evangelical churches started advocating 30-day sex challenges for married couples. The tagline is “Every man’s fantasy: 30 days of sex! Every woman’s dream: 30 days of intimacy!”

In an event of staggering rarity, Christian culture and non-Christians currently agree on something. Everyone seems to think that Pat Robertson is certifiably insane.

Christians love a ginormous homeschooled family, so they can’t get enough of those godly Duggars and their 18 kids.

Christian culture is a stickler for the ten commandments with the patent exception of observing Sabbath

When writing their Facebook or blog profiles, evangelicals are fond of stating their interests are “not in that order.”

Christian culture is adamant on the subject of Biblical inerrancy. Don’t get them started.

While singing a festive worship song, Christian culture tends to clap on the one. Clapping on the upbeat doesn’t come naturally to them. They clap the white-people way.