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Their mission statement seems solid and they say they’re all about Jesus but some churches seem awfully impressed with themselves. Being hip and raising money for new buildings seems like the focus instead of being broken by the message of the Gospel.

American evangelicals exalt Tim Tebow. They can’t resist a player with Bible verses on his eyeblack.

Pro-CHRISTmas campaigners dislike the use of Xmas in lieu of Christmas. Although X has been used for centuries as a sanctioned abbreviation for ??????? (Greek for Christ), Christian culture has a sneaking suspicion this is really a calculated method to nudge Christ out of his own holiday.

At least Oral Roberts university is still going strong, and with it the delicious irony of earnest Christian parents sending their children to a college with “oral” in its name.

This is a popular saying with hazy meaning. Taken literally you might think God has abandoned his ancestral seat and is swanning about, but you infer from the context that can’t be what they mean.

Christian culture is alarmed by all things politically correct. God forbid you say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

Pastors who want to appear relevant dress with formulaic precision. They don’t want to be like the PC guy, they want to be like the Mac guy.

Christian pastors want to be relevant and cool. Relevant, missional, emergent church plant pastors who are Acts 29 do this.