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Christian culture loves, LOVES Sarah Palin.

The logical conclusion here is that butt is more beneficial than ass. LMBO is very popular with the homeschooling sector.

The ring is ideally given to a girl by her dad, but if he isn’t on the scene or is otherwise apathetic then she might get one herself or ask her mom for one, either because she really does want to make this commitment or possibly because the Jonas Brothers wear them. (Bristol Palin had one too.)

American Protestant churches often have a program called a Women’s Ministry. As with most specialized church programs, the bigger and more warehouse-y the church, the more likely it is that it will have a Women’s Ministry.

People in Christian culture surround themselves almost exclusively with other like-minded people. They do have some acquaintances who are non-Christians but these are not close friends. These acquaintances are most often neighbors, co-workers, and other people who aren’t easily avoided.

A drama team is a group at church that acts out sketches during the service as a form of worship. Churches that boast drama teams are usually of the large, warehouse, non-denominational variety.

Many evangelical Christians carry a terror inside their chest that if they appear less than happy all the time then they will have violated the terms of some sort of Jesus Marketing Contract.