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A recent missive from the Family Research Council bore the headline, “The Gloves Come Off.” What major moral values issue were they referring to, I wondered. Was the Obama administration planning an aggressive effort to promote abortion or gay marriage?
Actually, the Family Research Council issued a call to arms over Obama’s plan to push expanded health care early in the administration. “Among other things, Obama’s plan would increase Medicaid spending, expand anti-parental features of the State Children’s health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and overhaul medical records technology,” FRC warned.
A couple of weeks ago, Jill Stanek, an influential pro-life activist, wrote an article listing the pro-choice activists working for Obama. About Tom Daschle, the health care czar, she wrote:. “Daschle is a rabid pro-abort who also detests abstinence education and supports nationalized health care, i.e. taxpayer-funded abortions.”
Stay tuned to see if opposition to national health care becomes a new Pro-Family issue.
UPDATE: Jill Stanek elaborates in an email:

“As a pro-lifer I oppose nationalized health care because of the liberal
insistence on abortion coverage. Hillary wanted it, Obama wants it, and
Daschle wants it, to name three.
Further and as a related aside, pro-lifers are part of a group pushing for
the free market offering of privatized interstate health insurance of one’s
choice – not tied to one’s employer if one desires, and not regulated so one
can only purchase from a company within one’s own state.
This would allow pro-lifers to choose health insurance companies that do not
cover abortion and/or birth control. That is the real “pro-choice” position
on health insurance coverage. Of course, the other side opposes this. ”

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