Steven Waldman

  • Turnout was up more among Born Again Christians than among youths….
  • In Colorado, the base of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, the percentage of evangelicals supporting the Democrat doubled since 2004.
  • New voters as a percentage of the electorate in 2004: 11% New voters in 2008: 11%…
  • Obama won Michigan (once a battleground) by a greater margin than McCain won Texas…
  • Hillary supporters who voted for McCain: 17%. People who strongly disapprove of Bush who nonetheless voted for McCain: 17%…
  • Obama won the white vote in Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, California etc. I wonder if he won a plurality of whites outside the south….
  • Obama is the first non-Southern Democrat to win the White House in 48 years….
  • The first non-Southern Democrat to win more than 50% of the vote in 60 years….
  • 20% of “conservatives” voted for Obama. That means there’s about 9 million Obamacons….
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