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Behold, a gallant Frenchman shows you how to freaking open a bottle of wine with your shoe! Are they a great people, or what? Say, we need a show for avid indoorsmen, like Your Working Boy, that features some rake […]

I don’t closely follow the controversies over genetically modified seeds, but the Supreme Court ruling this week saying it was legal for Monsanto to go ahead with production of genetically modified seeds without an environmental impact study strikes me as […]

I’m addicted to Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” travel food show, which I watch via streaming Netflix. Bourdain is a self-conscious cool guy, and at times, something of a jerk. But he’s compulsively watchable. Though I wish he would trash the […]

OK, this is weird. Julie woke up this morning and had a massive allergy attack, which is different for her than it is for me. With me, I can feel some histamine-related swelling, but mostly it makes me feel really […]

As you know, summer is my least favorite season. Hate me the heat. But the fresh vegetables do make it tolerable, and sometimes more than tolerable. Julie went to her garden today to work all afternoon while I slept off […]

Yes, there are far more serious things to be concerned about re: global warming than the fate of the wine industry, says Steven Kolpan — but it’s not nothing. Kolpan writes that we’re already seeing big and deleterious changes in […]

Just back from our neighborhood farmer’s market, carrying three sacks full of kale, chard, lettuce and turnip greens. Also bought two tomatoes — it’s early for them yet, but I’m dying for some fresh tomato — and a jar of […]

I’m going to spare you all another rant about the idiotic system of state-run wine and spirits stores in Pennsylvania. You know the drill: the state holds a monopoly on wine and spirits sales, making all clerks in the state-run […]

As mentioned earlier, we have our niece Hannah staying with us this week, up visiting from Louisiana. She’s my sister Ruthie’s 17-year-old daughter, and this is her first visit to Philadelphia. As I write this on Saturday morning, she and […]

A New Orleans friend sent me this photo of a cake in the pastry case at Breaux Mart on Magazine Street. He says, “Love this town!” Hell, who wouldn’t?