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The cultural conflict scholar James Davison Hunter has a new book out that I’m definitely going to get, criticizes Christian political engagement of both the right and left. From a Hunter quote on Andrew Sullivan’s site: The tragedy is that […]

You could have knocked me over with a feather from Arianna Huffington’s pink boa when I opened the following e-mail the other day: Hey Rod, I saw you posted my viral film on your blog. I know you disapprove, but […]

Writing in Saturday’s Washington Post, Marc Fisher uses his review of the new German-American museum to remark critically on the essential fraudulence of museums of ethnic heritage. Excerpt: But when each ethnic group creates its own museum, visitors are left […]

Greetings from Georgetown, where we heard tonight the English public intellectual Philip Blond introduce Red Toryism to an American audience. Blond is an engaging speaker and and real optimist about the possibility of positive political change (at dinner tonight after […]

Attention Julie Dreher! Attention Leonore Owsley! Attention Jacqueline Hill! Attention all hen-keeping women of the blogosphere! Did you know that keeping chickens is a feminist act? The New York Times Magazine says so. Excerpt: All of these gals — these […]

Austin Bramwell cannot figure out why libertarians and conservatives like suburban sprawl. Excerpt: It’s odd that self-described libertarians such as Stossel are so slow to grasp that government planning makes sprawl ubiquitous. You would think that libertarians would instinctively grasp […]

Naturally, I get all my advice about Celtic music I should try from a Texas Jew, the irrepressible Chuck Bloom of Plano. Chuck sent me last week a couple of discs, which I’ve been trying to get burned to my […]

I’d said in the Ugly Churches post that calling a particular church “regrettable” isn’t meant as a judgment on the religion itself or the parishioners who worship there, but only on the architecture itself. But it’s true that architecture, especially […]

Ross Douthat investigates via an essay by Michael Weingrad, who takes up the question, “Why are there no Jewish Narnias?” Douthat, who links to the Weingrad essay from his blog entry (which I’m trying to get you to visit), writes: […]

Hey you young agrarian punks, get offa into my field! Excerpt: The Crop Mob, a monthly word-of-mouth (and -Web) event in which landless farmers and the agricurious descend on a farm for an afternoon, has taken its traveling work party […]