Rod Dreher

Netherlands beats Uruguay to go to the World Cup final on Sunday! Everybody sing the Dutch fight song:I love that song. It’s so very Dutch. It’s cheerful in an oom-pah-pah way, and the odd lyrics basically say not “let’s slaughter our opponents,” but rather, “let’s make a good showing, lads” — and in a charming way. A rough translation of the chorus:

Go Holland Go!Don’t let the lion stand there in his undershirt [idiomatic; means ‘look like a fool’].Go Holland Go!Don’t make the little creature wear his slippers.Go Holland Go!Don’t let yourself be played off the fieldBecause a lion wearing football shoesDares to take on the whole world

Oh, I hope Germany is the other team. Maybe then Oranje can reclaim some bicycles. Hup, Holland, Hup!

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