Rod Dreher

I have really enjoyed settling in to the mid-Atlantic this year, and even loved the massive snowstorms we got here in Philly. But this past week has been well and truly miserable. Last Sunday, I woke up with a headache, and feeling worn out, as if I had to walk through syrup. I knew it had to be something related to seasonal allergies. I’d never had them till I moved to Dallas, but I have never had them as bad as they are here. Julie gets them bad too, and she couldn’t make it to church that day. When I got into my car, I had to turn on the water and windshield wipers to clean the yellow powder — pollen — off the windshield.
It’s been real bad all week. I had to cancel my martial arts classes, and have had to drink coffee and pop Benadryls throughout the day just to keep going. Yesterday was the worst. After three tall cups of strong black coffee, I still couldn’t get moving. I worked from home. After lunch, I could barely keep my eyes open, and took a short nap … waking up four hours later. I can’t seem to shake this stuff. As I sit here this morning, I just took more Benadryl, my head feels puffy, and it feels like my bones are made of sludge. We’d hoped to get our Chuck Bloom on and go out to a Celtic festival today, but I don’t know if I’ll make it. Bleah. The springtime is so gorgeous here in the Delaware Valley; I hate to think that I have this to look forward too every year.
I wonder what I’m allergic to? Pollen? Anybody have any ideas for how to combat this stuff without drugs? Take bee pollen supplements? But how do you find the right pollen? Help!

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