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Did you hear the latest revelation about the spiritual life of the late Pope John Paul II? Excerpt: Pope John Paul II not only practiced severe bodily penance – including whipping himself with a belt and sleeping on the floor- […]

Yesterday I was discussing with a colleague the role religion has in guiding moral behavior among individuals and groups. Is it possible to demonstrate empirically that religion lowers rates of crime and anti-social behavior? My thought was that the question […]

As some of you who have tried to friend me, or otherwise engage me on Facebook know, I’m definitely not much of an FB user. I almost never check my page, mostly because I am already overburdened with more information […]

Here’s a favorable review in today’s NYTimes of a new book, “The Trauma Myth,” by a Harvard psychologist. Here’s the book’s gist: For a graduate research project at Harvard in the mid-1990s, the psychologist Susan A. Clancy arranged to interview […]

Reader Anna e-mails a link to Nick Kristof’s column Sunday, in which he profiles a relatively well-off family that downsized its life to a more reasonable level so they could give more to the needy. They even sold their big […]

It might be good to restate the comments policy of this blog, even though I should say how grateful I am that I’ve had to do far, far less unpublishing of comments since I started the new, non-political, non-culture-war blog. […]

Via Science & Religion Today, we learn of a two-day Royal Society conference in London in which scientific big thinkers speculate on what alien life is likely to be like, if it indeed is ever discovered. A piece in New […]

The Stuff White People Like klaxons are sounding over news that some couples are having to seek marital counseling because they can’t agree on how green to be. This is wild. Excerpt: As awareness of environmental concerns has grown, therapists […]

From one of Andrew Sullivan’s readers. Excerpt: There’s one other factor in rural drug use. There’s nothing to do in small towns. Growing up in New Mexico, we were bored. When you’re a teenager, you can only watch so much […]

I never, ever thought I would live to see the day that the New Orleans Saints would make it to the Super Bowl. But now it’s for true! What an incredible game that was — and let me say that […]