Rock and Roll Road Trip

I recently interviewed legendary Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons about the new season of his hit reality show, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.” We covered a lot of bases, but Simmons was particularly focused on talking about the troops – which no doubt inspire him.

“Aside from my kids, nothing makes me cry except the United States military. The episode at Fort Hood is as inspirational as anything you will ever see. You meet men and woman there who are going overseas on their fourth or fifth deployment, risking their lives for an idea called America. It wakes you up. We’ve been to other bases before but to be at Fort Hood on the day when they are leaving, it was unforgettable. Their gaze is unwavering, the look you in the eye address you as ‘sir’ — they are amazing.”

Simmons’ love and respect of the military goes back to what his mother taught him. “I’m an immigrant,” he says. “My mom told me that America saved the world many times, and she’s right.  This country has given me my life, my family, my band — and this show. It’s given me everything, and then some, as you’ll especially see this season.”

Good stuff – Simmons never misses a chance to salute the troops, visit troops and pay tribute in some way, shape or form – I think a lot of artists could learn from him.YouTube Preview Image


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