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Recently, Candice Night, wife of the legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, sat down for an interview with me. Her story is fascinating – she actually met Blackmore as a radio station employee at a charity soccer game – the next thing she knew – Blackmore was falling in love with her (and vice versa).

Today, she and her husband make up the folky duo, Blackmore’s Night – Here’s one of the things I asked her:


What is like so far juggling the duties of being a mom with your singing career?

It certainly can be tricky at times, but honestly those moments that are difficult are also some of the funniest ones. We were just in the studio in our home doing some mapping vocals on some of the new songs for the next cd and Autumn was there with us and anytime I started singing she started singing also. She can’t say words yet, she’s only 1, but she was singing on the top of her voice and grabbing the mic away from me to put her parts on. Then she grabs my woodwinds away from me when I play them, and she blows into them. You can imagine what those mapping tracks sound like, but we were hysterical laughing the whole time. She’s very entertaining and loves music.

Ritchie’s been giving her guitar lessons since she was 2 months old. When she was 3 months old I had to go on tour in Germany and leave her home. That was really difficult and the agent was taking bets that I would be on the next plane out to go home as soon as we had a break. But I Skyped with her twice a day and now that she’s old enough to travel, she’ll be coming with us on our next tour, with a nanny. But as far as writing is concerned, we write songs that she inspires and when we work on music she loves to be in the room watching so, so far its all going really well.

And if you’d like to read the entire conversation, it’s here.


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