Reformed Chicks Blabbing

I have been invited to join a bible study at my new church. Well can you technically call it a “new” church if you’ve been there for a year? Anyway, I am looking forward to getting to know some of these women and to start feeling like I am part of this body of believers.
Some of you may recall my church migration, when the Lord moved our family out of one church and into another. It was a long, painful journey but now that the dust has settled, we feel like we are ready to become more involved. At least for me, I think it’s time to come in from the being on the fringe of this congregation and make an effort to get to know my church family.
I miss studying God’s word with a group of women. As I was contemplating this invitation this morning, while cleaning out my refrigerator, it dawned on me what I have been missing while not belonging to a group bible study. I miss the opportunity of the Holy Spirit examining me and showing me what needs to be cleaned up in my life, what’s rotten in my life and what needs disinfectant! That’s what God’s word does to you. It shows you your sin and shows you what God has done about it thorough Jesus Christ.
Not unlike what we find when we actually look in our refrigerators. I hadn’t given much thought lately to what is happening in my fridge. But when I looked closer, I saw some hard crusty stuff lurking around in there which is just like the sin in my life. Sin has a tendency to make me hard and crusty, without realizing it.
That’s why I am looking forward to getting back into the Word. The time for “getting by” with just going to church on Sunday and listening to the sermon, good as it is, is over. At last, I am ready get back to digging through the Word.

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