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Children’s HopeChest employees create support fund for co-worker who lost house in Waldo Canyon Fire. Last week, the Waldo Canyon Fire ripped through the Mountain Shadows neighborhood of Colorado Springs, destroying at least 346 homes. One of those houses belonged […]

This Christmas, holiday sales are projected to top $465.6 billion.  Given all of the financial tumult, political gridlock, and job uncertainty, it looks as though this year Americans are going to spend a lot of money giving gifts to each […]

Happy New Year from the Davis family. All our love to each of you and may God bless you with an amazing 2011! Click here to subscribe to Red Letters. Click here to follow Tom Davis on Twitter.

In August 27, 2006, I penned my very first blog entry. Over the past four years, so much has changed. I went back to my first post, and thought it would be fitting to start my Beliefnet blogging experience with […]

Our youngest child's name is Hudson. He's three years old and a bundle of fire! Last night he had a dream I wanted to share with you. As you know, when young kids have spiritual dreams they're as pure as […]

As you're reading this, I'm flying somewhere over the Atlantic ocean between Washington DC and Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm leading a group into Swaziland, a nation that has the highest rate of HIV infection in the world. I'm privileged to […]

My oldest biological son, Hayden, turned 12 yesterday. Throughout this past year, I’ve been reading many books on male initiation – how to begin training a boy into the ways of manhood. The best book on this subject by far […]

Summer has been a great time for our family. This weekend, we have four soccer tournaments four of our children will be participating in. Gideon, my eight year old, and I, were able to go to England together for a […]

Well, the kids are out of school, it’s almost 80 degrees in Colorado, and we’ve already had our fist family ‘accident.’ Hayden and Gideon spent the night at some friend’s house this weekend and Hayden wrecked a dirt bike, slashing […]