Red Letters

Within the week, I am moving the Tom Davis blog to Beliefnet. I'll be joining the likes of Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed blog on one of the largest Web sites in the world for matters of faith and spirituality. Find out more about Beliefnet.

About a month ago I was asked if I would consider moving my blog to Beliefnet. They asked if I would provide social justice content–just as I have been doing for years right here.

Why did I say yes?

The voice and message of this blog will now have a larger audience. Many more people will hear about God's heart to protect orphans, defend the oppressed, and rescue the poor. By interacting with my blog through comments,  you too will have the opportunity to share how God is moving in your heart to fulfill his promises to orphans and the poor.

Some things will change and there will be advertisements. I have never had ads on my blog before, but advertisements are a part of the Beliefnet platform, and I will not have any control over the ads displayed as you read my posts. You may notice other cosmetic differences or changes to how comments are posted.

The message of this blog will continue, and grow. As a social justice blogger, I will continue to write about the topics I have for the past three years. If anything, you will see more posts from me, and more of the content you've come to expect on my blog.

I am excited for the move, and for the opportunity to find a larger audience to bring into the movement of believers helping to bring God's love to the poor of our world. More details to follow.

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