Red Letters

I am out the door for Moldova and Russia. I can't help but think the Resurrection when I go to places like this. Moldova – one of the poorest countries in the world and the highest rate of sex-trafficked girls. Broken – beyond belief. But in the greatest brokenness the world ever knew, Christ crucified on a cross, the greatest hope emerged. That's what I pray for these girls. This is exactly the story of my new book, Priceless, that releases June 1st. I'll also be filming live from some of the exact locations I write about in the book.

We'll go from Denver-DC-Zurich-Chisnau. Five days on the ground then out to Russia for the remainder of the trip. I can't wait to see our Russian staff and my dear Russian friends. We'll be telling lots of stories on this trip, shooting video, and taking many photos that will be posted here. You can also keep up with Anne Jackson with her adventures she's titled: Blogging from the dark. 

The Broken Places in our lives need the Resurrection power of Christ flowing through our mortal bodies. The orphans we'll encounter need it. I need it. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Love to you all!

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