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Tonight ends ABC’s six-episode airing of Take the Money & Run. At stake is $100,000 that must be carefully hidden by the show’s contestants so that two local detectives cannot find it. The contestants must also undergo grueling questioning by […]

Welcome back for this fourth episode of Take the Money & Run. This week, we’re in Windy City, where partners Ron Stoczynski and Beau Nolen will attempt to stash the cash where Chicago cops Michele Wood and John Korolis can’t […]

Here we are in South Beach, Miami with two sisters attempting to do the $100,000 caper in broad daylight. Rebecca and Jennie Albano are a couple of attractive ladies who are sure to get noticed on the streets, money case […]

Yup, that guy Paul Bishop up there is someone who you don’t want to spend too much time with. He’s got a 1-0 record going into this week’s case, having successfully cracked one of last week’s weak-willed thieves. Just one […]

Tonight, it’s a new series! Take the Money and Run comes from the same production teams who are behind The Amazing Race and CSI and this show is like a blend of both. How does it work? A two-person team […]