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This is the kind of bok news that makes book lovers like me a little nuts.  Movies rights to books have often gotten snapped up quickly off of good advance word-of-mouth, but htis is ridiculous. It seems  the debut novel from Rebecca Serle, “When You Were Mine” won’t be released until May, but it is already in the works to be a movie.  The book has a clever premise – it is the story of Romeo and Juliet from the perspective of the girl he dumped for Juliet, Rosaline – but I  may get to see the movie before I read the book and that is just wrong.

Keira Knightley is rumored to be starring and the screenplay is in the works and some are speculating that the movie may be released before or at the same time as the book.  How sad. I don’t mind Hollywood adapting books , but at least give readers a chance to experience the book in their own imaginations before we see Hollywood’s take – which is rarely as good as what is on the printed page.

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