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Press reports this week stated that I was seeking to buy the Libyan compound next door to me in order to establish an international center for Jewish values. These reports are accurate. Aside from wanting to push the Libyans out […]

Congressman Steve Rothman was one of the most courageous voices in opposing Libyan dictator Muammar Kaddafi from staying in Englewood. Since then, however, he seems to be making the curious decision of identifying me, a constituent, Rabbi, and father of […]

In the heart of New York City, if you listen closely, you’ll hear a severe sucking sound, as if some magical and invisible vortex is pulling in all that surrounds it. Amazingly, it doesn’t swallow up your scarf, your briefcase, […]

Sunday, January 3, 2010, 11pm – I’m sitting at Newark airport waiting for my entire family – my wife and nine children – to disembark from an aircraft that landed hours ago. They arrived from Chicago where we all attended […]