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If you would have invested one hundred dollars in the stock market in January of 2000, by December of 2009 it would be worth just ninety. This has led some writers to describe the past ten years as the lost […]

Like many people these days, I am a busy man. But that did not stop me from taking off several weeks of my professional life to fight Muammar Kaddafi’s plan to take up residence directly next door to me this […]

Visiting Zimbabwe can be a heart-wrenching experience. It is a beautiful land of warm and soft-spoken people. But hovering over the landscape at all times is the specter of extreme poverty and political oppression. The poverty is merely tragic. But […]

Lying at the heart of southcentral Africa, Zimbabwe sits between the Zambezi River to the North and Limpopo River to the South. A country ravaged by HIV Aids, political unrest, unemployment, poverty and food shortages, Zimbabwe undoubtedly has a long […]