Rabbi Shmuley Unleashed

I just returned from Houston, Texas, where I gave three lectures. Place was hot as a tamale. When I returned I heard from several people that Tracy Morgan had mentioned something about me on 30 Rock on NBC. I had known something of it before since it seems to have been part of their promos.

Apparently, Tracy says, “I have to reconnect with my roots. I have to go see Rabbi Shmuley.” That’s cool. I always want people to reconnect with their roots. I agree with the Bible.  A man is a tree of the field, rooted in his own soil, his own culture, his own traditions. But growing out in the world, enriching the environment with his own unique contribution. We shouldn’t be potatoes or turnips, wallowing only in our own earth. We have to be rooted by grow out, creating a truly multi-ethnic society. And Tracy, you’ve kept my laughing for so many years, It’d would be my pleasure to reconnect you with your roots.

Incidentally, I love 30 Rock. Intelligent, outrageous comedy that makes me laugh. And Tina Fey is a genius.

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