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I’ve got a thing for meditation/prayer beads. It all started in January when I began meditation on a string of 108 rudraksha beads, said to be sacred to Lord Shiva. Ever since, I’ve looked for them each month. Catholicism doesn’t […]

Part of Project Conversion’s mission is finding common threads which run through each faith. One of the greatest threads, is music. Name one religion without some form of music: Chants, hymns, mantras, remixes…go ahead, I’ll wait. Couldn’t find one, could you? Neither […]

Islam, while indeed a personal faith, is more visibly communal–especially during the holy month of Ramadan. And if you plan on experiencing communal Islam only once, attend and iftar dinner at your local masjid. Here, you’ll get a taste of […]

If there’s one thing my Muslim brothers and sisters have down, it’s prayer. For most greenhorn converts (or reverts, as Muslims call them), the only aspect of Islam more intimidating than the Arabic terms and phrases is the method of […]

July is the only month so far where my Mentor(s) and members of their faith community actively solicit my conversion. It’s okay, I don’t mind, so please don’t bash my new friends and spiritual family. And although the first few […]

Sleep wasn’t an option last night, but a gesture. You see, my daughter undergoes surgery in two hours to have her tonsils removed. I fear needles, blood, and anything hospital-related. My wife is a nurse and so even the low probability […]

Allah-u-Abha and welcome to my review of Day 1 with the Baha’i Faith! The greeting “Allah-u-Abha” means “God the Most Glorious” and the founder of the faith, Baha’u’llah, bears a name which means “The Glory of God.” There’s a lot of […]