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We are here again at the end of yet another month. Each one is radically different from the next, with new challenges, new lessons, and new family members. The end-of-month post is bitter-sweet, the one I dread the most. Let’s see how […]

Nope, that isn’t a misprint. In general, members of the LDS Church believe in the existence of a divine momma, however if you ever ask a member of the church about her, well… The concept of God the Father being […]

Well, I promised I wouldn’t cry when I left my local Latter-day Saints home on Sunday and–it was tough–but I stayed strong. Months like July are rare for Project Conversion. Not only did I get a local faith community (the […]

If my heart and mind are clean sheets of glass for the year, my experience with each of Project Conversion’s Mentors is a unique fingerprint left upon the glass. No two are alike and each leaves an indelible mark upon my […]

I began Project Conversion to combat ignorance and fear of the religious unknown we harbor for our neighbors. There is a chance for healing among the homes, streets, and neighborhoods where we live, but is there hope for religiously blind […]

The slander began about two weeks into June once people found out I would be an LDS member in July. “You know Mormon is only one letter away from ‘moron’?” “So you’re going to be a Mor-man…does that mean your […]

It’s my second day as an honorary Latter-day Saint, and I’ve already screwed up.  How often do we find ourselves on a spiritual high, when the world is ripe and ready for our pleasure, only for a storm to rain […]

Every relationship thrives on trust. Within Christianity in general and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in particular, this trust, honesty, and integrity is not only paramount for a true relationship with Jesus Christ via repentance of sins, but also to the […]