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To kick off our Zarathushti Arts and Culture Week, I thought I’d start off with the most recognizable symbol of the religion: the Farohar. Also known as a fravahar or fravashi, this Zarathushti symbol adorns many fire temples, homes, and worn as jewelry […]

Welcome back to Project Conversion: Hinduism! Today is pretty special as we celebrate what appears to be a nice alignment of events. January 14th marks the beginning of Makar Sankranti, a time when Hindus celebrate the passage of the sun from the Sagittarius constellation […]

Around the world, followers of Santana Dharma (Hinduism) are recognized by a few conspicuous traits. One of those is the practice of ahimsa, the concept of non-violence. Because Hindus believe that everything that takes birth, ages, and dies has a […]