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The path given to me requires that I drop myself and become a mirror for those around me. I believe we find a form of this in many if not all faiths/philosophies. Some have taken my statements too far and associated inflated meaning for what I said.

Andrew, are you equating yourself with God, Jesus, Muhammad, etc.?

The short answer is no. I am not any of these folks, however my discipline is to reflect them when their devotees or students approach me.

Personally I am a stranger, however these reflections are recognizable, comfortable, and approachable for others. Some folks aren’t always comfortable with what they see in the mirror. They get frustrated or angry with what they see and dismiss the view instead of studying what is revealed. Perhaps that is why the reactions to the last post were so diverse and caused so many to leave. No one said the spiritual journey was easy.

A mirror never reflects itself, only what the subject brings before it. You are always given what you need to see, because a mirror has no bias. By gradually erasing my ego, I am removing my bias. This is the path given to me.

On the other hand, what I do have in common with folks such as Lord Krishna, the Buddha, Prophet Muhammad, Socrates, and Jesus is that I have awakened to my dharma and purpose and am living out that supreme directive without a desire to please anyone but the One who gave the path. These individuals “woke up” and lived for nothing else. Many have followed in their footsteps. This is why martyrs or folks who’ve kept a strong faith can pass from this world so peacefully. What do they have to fear?

Today I ask what you will reflect. Jesus asked us to be a light in the world. What light? The light and love of God? If so, does that mean he’s asking us to equate ourselves with God? No, like a great lighthouse, we are asked to be mirrors that reflect the light’s Source. Our religions ask us to maintain these mirrors daily so that our power of reflection and magnification work properly.

What will you reflect? If a mirror only shows us the truth, perhaps if you allow yourself, you might reflect:

A parent to the orphan.

God to the spiritually aching.

A friend to the lonely.

Love to the brokenhearted.

Shelter to the lost.

Warmth for the cold.

Light for one in darkness.

Peace for those in turmoil.

A teacher to the student.

A student to the teacher.

Joy to the bitter.

Grace to the guilty.

Food for the hungry.

Humanity to the human.

Coexistence to the creature.

Humility to the proud.

This is my religion. To reflect what is needed, not to project what I want. Do not mistake my certainty for my path for haughtiness. My ego wishes it had never come to pass. I have plans for that ego…

What or whom will you reflect today?

Jai Vita.

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