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I’ll be honest, this has been one of the hardest weeks of Project Conversion thus far. This month in and of itself is filled with learning curves, lessons learned, and unexpected realizations (more on that next week), but the emotional charge carried by this month’s Social Issues Week has left me drained and humbled.

I’ve become so close to the people of this faith, and while I’d love to take credit for that connection, it has been the Baha’is who have reached out to me. The number of emails and comments I’ve received regarding Baha’i persecution–just in Iran–is staggering. The Baha’i community may be small compared to their older spiritual brethren, but each individual member is a steel poll in the scaffolding that is the Baha’i Faith. I was embraced and thanked for my exposure of this serious issue. It didn’t matter that I’m not technically “one of them”, because as so many Baha’i have told me, the situation in Iran isn’t just a Baha’i issue, but one for humanity. Indeed, when Baha’is serve their communities, it isn’t with the goal of converting their neighbors, but to help their neighbors help themselves.

Of course, there are more social issues within the Baha’i Faith that I simply cannot cover due to time constraints. But the point is to introduce you to these issues so that you might take the torch from my hand and run on your own. I’ve suggested writing to members of our government, starting an interfaith discussion, attending a Baha’i Study Circle, and others, but there is always more. What can you do in your community to improve the lives of others? That’s a social issue that transcends religion and yet, is the common thread within them all.

I’ll close today with a few links to Baha’i-related news regarding persecution that some of Project Conversion’s audience members have sent in. Allah-u-Abha, and have a blessed week.

Professor Abbas Milani on the arrest of seven Baha’i leaders in Iran.

A story of Baha’i grace and perseverance while in prison for their faith.

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