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Check out the “Mayberry Mounties” if you want to see “Happy Days” after Nov. 4…

Douglas Kmiec has become perhaps the most prominent of the pro-life Catholic “Obamacons.” Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver has become perhaps the most prominent (and civil, given recent statements from some of his confreres) advocate of the view that a Catholic cannot […]

Or, pro-choice voters as Muslim invaders? I don’t know if Bishop Robert Finn of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph wanted to go there, but he did, in his latest column in the diocesan newspaper: “Our Catholic moral principles teach […]

Over at Christianity Today, Sarah Pulliam has been “getting political with pumpkins”–and it looks like a lot of fun. Definitely try this at home! She links to the AP page with some rockin’ images, but I’ve been unable to download […]

Amid the final campaign push, the 10th anniversary of the nation’s landmark covenant on international religious freedom passed largely unnoticed on Monday. That is more than a shame. The International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (IRFA) was passed by a […]

It continues…Memphis Bishop Terry Steib this week called on Catholics not to be “one-issue” voters, in contrast to Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput (whose latest comments in a talk titled “Little Murders” were especially strong) and some others. Steib, in this NCR piece, […]

John McCain says he is the new TR. And Barack Obama is a socialist who wants to “share the wealth,” as he told the now (in)famous Joe the Plumber (or whatever). But check out Teddy’s “New Nationalism” speech of 1910, […]

“The Catholic case for Barack Obama” has rarely been put so convincingly as it is in this Newsweek essay. Or, at least, a case for voting freely, according to one’s conscience and the range of issues. The argument is made […]

I have heard of few religious leaders speaking out against the ugliness emerging from the campaign trail, especially on race and violence. That makes this powerful essay in the latest issue of the Jesuit weekly America that much more welcome. It is by Bishop Blase […]

Now this would be a serious change of tone–and the smartest move yet in the heretofore hapless McCain-Palin campaign. The LATimes reports (via Sarah Pulliam at Christianity Today) on McCain’s make-up appearance on Letterman last night and McCain’s revelation that […]