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Indiana goes for Obama! (Well, just South Bend, for now)

posted by David Gibson

Yes, the results of Notre Dame’s mock election are in, and the winner is…Barack Obama. According to The Observer, the campus newspaper: “2,692 undergraduate and graduate students participated in the mock election. Democrat Sen. Barack Obama and running mate Sen. […]


Kmiec rebuts Chaput: Good Catholics can vote for Obama

posted by David Gibson

Douglas Kmiec has become perhaps the most prominent of the pro-life Catholic “Obamacons.” Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver has become perhaps the most prominent (and civil, given recent statements from some of his confreres) advocate of the view that a Catholic cannot […]


So much for those Muslim rumors–it’s Barack O’Bama!

posted by David Gibson


REALLY Great Pumpkins!

posted by David Gibson

Over at Christianity Today, Sarah Pulliam has been “getting political with pumpkins”–and it looks like a lot of fun. Definitely try this at home! She links to the AP page with some rockin’ images, but I’ve been unable to download […]

International Religious Freedom: The orphan issue of 2008

posted by David Gibson

Amid the final campaign push, the 10th anniversary of the nation’s landmark covenant on international religious freedom passed largely unnoticed on Monday. That is more than a shame. The International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (IRFA) was passed by a […]

“Racism is a sin”…A bishop speaks out

posted by David Gibson

I have heard of few religious leaders speaking out against the ugliness emerging from the campaign trail, especially on race and violence. That makes this powerful essay in the latest issue of the Jesuit weekly America that much more welcome. It is by Bishop Blase […]

High Noon: The campaign as a Western movie

posted by David Gibson

But who are the Good Guys? John McCain and Sarah Palin think they are, and in this piece in the current issue of The Tablet of London, I try to explain the campaign through the lens of the Old West: […]

The “Trekkie” Campaign

posted by David Gibson

McCain as Captain Kirk and Obama as Mr. Spock? That’s the take from Jason Horowitz in this week’s New York Observer cover story. I nsightful piece. Spock was mixed race, and great at times of crisis, and he always knew […]

Gambling with Politics

posted by Eric Sapp

Tabitha Knerr at just posted a great piece on all the many ties between Republicans and the gambling industry that are starting to pop up in races around the country.  I commented recently on the effect Sheldon Adelson–the GOP […]

Standing in the Need of Prayer

posted by Eddie Glaude, Jr

We must brace ourselves for the ugliness of the next thirty days.  Senator McCain’s campaign brazenly announced its intention to “get tough” with Senator Obama.  Sarah Palin led the charge, condemning Obama for his association with “terrorists” like Bill Ayers.  […]

McCain Doesn’t Understand!

posted by Eddie Glaude, Jr

I know he can’t do it, but I wish he would.  Just once.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Senator Obama responded sharply to Senator McCain’s efforts to paint him as inexperience – as the naïve young man who dared to […]

Abortion & Catholics: Big wedge–small impact?

posted by David Gibson

The furious division in Catholicism over abortion and the presidential election grows wider. But to what end? A front-page story in today’s New York Times is titled, “Abortion Issue Again Dividing Catholic Votes,” and yet evidence of how that is […]

Something to be thankful for: McCain & Obama to appear together Thursday at Ground Zero

posted by David Gibson

From the NYT “Caucus” blog: The two campaigns issued a rare joint statement on Saturday announcing the plans of the Republican and Democratic rivals. They also will appear together at a forum later that day at Columbia University. “All of […]

“Palin’s pregnant!” Easy, easy…It’s only her unwed 17-year-old daughter.

posted by David Gibson

I had thought the terrifying onslaught of Gustav and the efforts by the GOP to dodge the Katrina bullet–or turn it to McCain’s benefit–would be the story of the day, but the bombshell news that Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter Bristol […]

Karma and the Christian Right: Will Gustav delay the GOP convention?

posted by David Gibson

Earlier this month Stuart Shepard, correspondent for the Focus on the Family network (you know, that OTHER religious gathering in Colorado), had a segment in which he less than half-jokingly asked prayers for torrential rains to inundate Invesco Field during last night’s […]

Baptism by Politics: Sacraments and “The Saddleback Confession”

posted by David Gibson

In his quest to prune the overgrowth of Christianity to reveal to root of the faith, Martin Luther famously reduced the number of sacraments from seven to three, discarding Holy Orders, Last Rites (now known as the Anointing of the Sick), […]

Dear Rick: Would you ask Barack and John about…

posted by David Gibson

This weekend’s main event, outside of the Beijing Olympics, will be the Saturday sit-down between superpastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback megachurch and Barack Obama and John McCain–and event being called “the Saddleback Civil Forum.” Rick will have an hour […]

Pavlovian Premillennialism

posted by Randall Balmer

I suppose you’ve got to give the Republicans of the Rove era credit for their inventiveness, if not their chutzpah. In 2004 their nominee, who had essentially been a draft dodger, was pitted against a genuine Vietnam War hero (a […]

Dog Whistles, Hypocrisy, and “Traditional” Christianity

posted by Ed Kilgore

I’m less certain than Mara Vanderslice that John McCain’s recent pattern of decrying Barack Obama’s “messianism” is a deliberate effort to label him as the Antichrist.  It’s not that I consider Team McCain incapable of “dog whistle” appeals to the Christian Right; their candidate has […]

The Pathology of American Politics

posted by Eddie Glaude, Jr

I am already a bit weary of presidential politics, and it’s not even September. On the one hand, the excitement around Senator Obama’s candidacy that galvanized so many to engage the body politic stands alongside worn political tropes and familiar […]

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