Progressive Revival

It is not often that one comes across a way to approach the abortion debate that is new…so imagine my surprise and delight when I read the challenging piece on that raised theological questions about this debate I had never heard nor considered.   Democrats and progressives have been making significant strides by focusing our messaging around abortion reduction (click here to listen to the ad playing on Christian radio during the March for Life in DC), which moves the debate onto more fertile rhetorical and policy grounds.  But this post is neither strategic nor polemic but mere thoughtful and questioning.  It is well worth the 2 minutes it will take to read…and then the good bit more time you will take pondering the points afterward.  Beyond the abortion debate, it raises important questions (that require struggle as opposed to simple answers) about the grey area people of faith enter when they try to faithful utilize the sword of the state.  Click here to read the post.

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