Preacher’s Kid: Honest Faith, Real World

The good folks at are working hard to complete design and functionality of this blog of mine. Hopefully, the comment portal for my posts will soon be up, as well as an RSS/subscription button. ALso, some nifty graphics.

Be patient. It’s a virtue, you know.


That said, I’ve received a lot of feedback on the first posts already by email and Facebook. Most were on whether it’s OK to not attend a church on your vacation. Others had something to say about reality TV and what moral lessons are being taught, or not.

I got some short affirmations like the usual “well said,” or “I completely agree.” Others disagreed and eloquently shared those thoughts, or offered anecdotes from their own faith journeys. Here are a few (I’ve not identified the commenters by name, since the feedback came by personal messages):

“Nice piece.
As my father used to tell my mom on Sunday’s she’d want us to go to Catholic church and he wanted us to ski: “Dorothy, I’d rather be on the hill thinking of God, than in church thinking of the hill.”  — from an Internet-based retail CEO

“I can just hear the masses telling me now they are on vacation so I won’t see them for a while.  And we certainly have those types at (his church).  It may be personally rewarding to just slip away on a vacation from church…and certainly not an issue with impending judgment.  But when you think of the effort put in by those who work hard to offer a service that glorifies God and inspires His people it seems to me that some thought ought to be given to them too.  As for me…we go to church when on vacation, to show appreciation and just because we want to!”   —  Utah pastor. Actually, my pastor. (Wince).

— “. . . my comment was to be on the previous post on Reality TV. I appreciate more when it is “reality” (as close as you can get with cameras on you) than the fictionalized reality that seems to draw the viewers. The shows you mentioned, for me, seem to capture more of that rawness and sincerity than others.”  — a self-described fan of “real” reality TV.


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