Prayer, Plain and Simple

He crowns me with love and tender mercies. (Psalm 106:4)
You…crowned them with glory and honor. (Hebrews 2:7)


Ever wonder what it feels like to be a queen or a king? Ever wonder what the weightiness of a crown feels like and the velvety cushion of a throne? Did you realize that if you are a believer, you are royalty and you wear a crown?

What does a crown symbolize? Authority. Hebrews goes on to say, “You gave them authority over all things.”

Scripture tells us that, “You are a royal priesthood…” Children of the King are royalty. Not servants, not paupers, not wanna-be’s! Royal blood – the King’s blood – flows through your veins.

A King’s crown is adorned with precious jewels. The jewels we don are attributes of God Himself: love, tender mercies, glory and honor. Let’s pray for these qualities to adorn our lives and overflow to others who don’t yet know that they are sons and daughters of the King! We’ll start by praying this plain and simple prayer.


I thank You that You have made me Your child, that Your royal blood made it possible for me to belong to You. Today I am asking You to place Your crown of love, tender mercies, glory, and honor upon my head.

Please crown me Your love that never fails. The God-kind of love is true, faithful, kind, forever patient, and steadfast. Would you grant me that kind of love today? I will wear it like a crown. May the jewels of love sparkle to those around me, drawing them to Your grace and loving arms. May I comfort those in grief, encourage the hopeless, and tend to those whose needs I can meet.

Extend your crown of tender mercies to me, Lord. Grant me a merciful heart that is constant and faithful. I choose to reject offense today, Lord. I choose to forgive those who rub me the wrong way, ignore me, betray me, misunderstand me, and cut me off. I will live out of the blessing of Your extended tender mercies towards me, and pass them on to others.

I receive Your crown of glory today, the weightiest of all the gems in my crown. May Your glory go with me wherever I go, shining it’s light on Your loving countenance to everyone I encounter. Let me help Your glory fill the earth.

Thank You for making honor a part of my crown today. Lord, I receive Your favor wherever I go. Thank you for the confidence that accompanies Your honor. Give me a fearless heart to do the things You’ve given me to do with assurance that I am not alone, I can do all things through Christ who empowers me with inner strength.

I don’t deserve any of this, yet You have chosen to make me worthy to receive all the Word says I have. Who am I to disagree with You? So I will wear Your crown today, and let it sparkle to those around me. Let Your majesty shine forth in me today. Give me people to love and to pray for. Let me be used as Your ambassador of mercy and healing. Thank You! I praise Your majesty today!

In Jesus’ Name



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