Prayer, Plain and Simple

No, I will not break my covenant;
I will not take back a single word I said.
I have sworn an oath to David,
and in my holiness I cannot lie. (Psalm 89:34.35)

God is not a politician that he should lie. Imagine a world where every word our political candidates spoke could be firmly trusted. Imagine a world where everyone spoke the truth and nothing but the truth.

There is something our omnipotent God cannot do. He cannot lie. He is incapable of speaking falsely, exaggerating, stretching or manipulating words. Everything He utters is pure truth.

There is something our omnipotent God will not do. He will not retract his promises, alter, or amend them in any way. They are 100% unchangeable. 

We live in a world where the truth is relative, contracts are negotiable, a handshake means very little, and our word even less. This is not God’s MO. Let’s pray to be more like Him.


I have often spoken things I didn’t mean and things that sounded good, but weren’t purely true. Forgive me, Lord. Please give me the tongue of the wise. Give me the conscience to speak the truth without tolerating lies, deceit or even slight exaggeration in my communication. Scripture tells me that my words have power, so help me to bring life with my words. Illuminate my words so they shine with truth. Then, Lord, when I speak of you and your power and your love, those who hear me will know and understand that I am a person of my word, and my words can be trusted.

In Jesus’ Name Amen

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