Prayer, Plain and Simple

You are precious to me.
You are honored, and I love you. (Isaiah 43:4)

Love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:31)

How do see yourself? What value to you place upon yourself? As in all things, we need to work to acquire God’s perspective on ourselves, as we do with everything else in this world, for it is His point of view that truly matters, indeed that only matters.

What does He say about you?

He says you are precious.
He says you are honored, and therefore honorable.
He affirms that He loves you.

Jesus reiterates the second greatest commandment, and along with that statement is a given, something implied – that you love yourself. Do you struggle with loving yourself? Begin today to repent of self-contempt and to believe in faith what the Word of God says about you: You are worthy of love, for God simply says so, and Jesus made you worthy by giving His very life in exchange for yours.


I have so often struggled to believe the truth that I am worthy of your love and worthy of self-love. Forgive me for the contempt I often hold myself in. I declare that I am loved because you say so. I declare that I am forgiven, for you have told me so. Please forgive me for believing the lie; I receive your cleansing, and I make a determination to rid my mind of any thought contrary to your Truth.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

“Jesus loves me, this I KNOW! For the Bible tells me so.”

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